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Salt Lake Whole Home Remodel

This home was in need of an update.   The kitchen and bathrooms were old and the laundry room, next to the garage, was pretty far away from the bedrooms all on the second floor.  New plans were created that streamlined the home.    First off, remove multiple walls to open up the kitchen.  Then, reconfigure the bathrooms to create a larger kids bathroom and remove the odd layout in the master bath.    Likewise the laundry room was moved to an unused room outside the master suite.   This change gave a lot more room for laundry and crafts as well as more organization capabilities.    The kitchen was expanded into the old laundry room space and we created a mudroom as well.   Even though multiple closets and a pantry were removed, the storage space has multiplied.  As a result of all these changes the whole house has an entirely different feel.



Photo Cred:  Lindsay Hagblom Photography

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The quality of work was exceptional and we stayed very close to budget. -SB