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A History of Craftsmanship

About Fine Custom Construction

While Fine Remodel was founded in 2001, the foundation for this company was laid many years before. From his earliest memories, Mark had always been drawn to working with his hands and had a love for the smell of fresh cut wood. Luckily, Mark had a perfect teacher in his dad who has been know throughout the industry as a leading craftsman for many decades. At age 14, Mark started working as an apprentice for his father, picking up scrap wood and any piece of knowledge he could find. A few years later Mark had moved on to manage many jobsites for a local contractor and oversaw everything from home remodels to restaurant and hotel construction. While this range of experience was challenging, Mark knew his destiny was to carve out his own future.

Award Winning Custom Home Builder

That destiny came to fruition in 2001, with the founding of Fine Remodel LLC. With a focus on the residential remodeling market. Mark steadily grew the company into a top tier, national award-winning full-service construction firm. From our roots in residential work we have had many opportunities to branch out into commercial, industrial and specialty projects. Often these opportunities stemmed from a previous residential customer having such a great experience with Fine Remodel that they trusted us to help them with their business needs. Fine Remodel has expanded its footprint throughout northern Utah by partnering with great clients to make their dreams come true, whether that is a new kitchen, an addition, a custom house or a new office building.

Fine Remodel has built hundreds of beautiful one-of-a-kind projects over the past twenty years, Mark has also built an incredible team of associates and sub-contractors who are indispensable in the success of each project. In addition to these trained craftsmen, we partner with the best interior designers and architects in Utah. Together, we work seamlessly to bring our clients dream to reality.

Just as we customize each project to reflect the client’s needs and desires. Mark has always been committed to constantly updating our processes, knowledge and from time to time, our image. As we start this 20th year of business, Mark wanted to update our image to better reflect what we really provide to our clients. While we will always have residential remodeling as our foundation, the commonality of our projects is the level of customization we provide to each client. For this reason, we have rebranded Fine Remodel LLC into Fine Custom Construction.  Same great people with an updated look to reflect our real strength. We look forward to many more years providing unsurpassed service, craftsmanship and solutions to decerning clients throughout Northern Utah.

Mark Blankman

From a young age, Mark Blankman knew he wanted to be a contractor. In his early teens, he started working summers for a local construction firm. After high school, Mark discovered he had the ability to run large projects that included whole-home remodels and multistory hotels. In 2001, he fulfilled his dream and founded Fine Remodel. Mark has chosen to work with people that are kind, honest, and dedicated to the pursuit of perfection. This includes both our staff and clients.