A Kitchen Remodel

What does it take to do a kitchen remodel?   What is the budget I should expect?   Where do I start?  These are all great questions to ask when it comes to remodeling.   The first question we want to ask you, is what are you looking for?  Take some time and look through ideas on pinterest, houzz, and our website here and see what you like and what catches your eye.   Having pictures of what you would like to see helps the estimator and designer as they start your project.   For a premier, high end, luxury kitchen remodel, you can expect a budget of $80,000 to $200,000.   This all depends on what you want to put in to your project.    Our job is to help you figure out what you want and then put a number to what you choose.   Every single one of the projects we do are completely different and custom so no cost is the same either.

Give us a call and we can see if our team is a good fit for your custom remodel.

What We DidKitchen
The entire project took 8 weeks – which was actually less than I thought it would take. Fine Remodel did an outstanding job of communicating and there were never any surprises.