Tree House

Main Floor Remodel

The location of the Tree House was love at first sight for its owners. With views and a location that were simply irreplaceable.  The house sits atop a steep driveway which leads to a garage at the lowest level. From there the home rises two levels up and the view from the master bedroom is literally the tree tops of tall log pole pine trees.  In the beginning the interior was a snapshot of early 90s contemporary finishes.

Our mission from the client was to create a clean, updated contemporary feel and most importantly, a space that would allow the artistic side of their abilities to flourish. All of the artwork featured on the walls of the finished photos are from the talented owners themselves. The master bath was completely changed to open the space for a very large shower and free-standing tub. This was all done without the need for a curb, so the floor seamlessly flows from the main bath into the expansive bathing area. A single large sink accommodates two separate faucets. Along with the dated interior, the layout was cut up and walled off in a way that eliminated views from the kitchen.

With a collaborative approach of the owners and designers, we were able to remove the main load-bearing wall creating magnificent views from within the kitchen. This home now functions much better and the resulting space is worthy of the artwork hung within.

This project was a regional award winner of a 2015 Coty award.

Location SLC, Utah
Completed 12 December, 2019
What We DidMain Floor
Every single day since the remodel we have completely enjoyed our home. It's stunning! Previously it was nice-enough, but outdated, and now it is modern and fantastic. If I had wanted a quick and cheap job, I would have chosen someone else. I am very happy with the work that was done, and my interactions with the team.