Holladay Haven: Kitchen-Great Room Fusion

In 2022, Fine Custom Construction transformed a fragmented great room and kitchen in the heart of the Greater Salt Lake Valley into an exquisitely connected and contemporary space. With the addition of a discreet butler’s pantry to augment the kitchen’s functionality, this project melded luxury with practicality. The result is a harmonious and elegant heart of the home, optimized for comfort and designed to facilitate both everyday living and entertaining.



Renovating the disconnected and dimly-lit great room and kitchen posed a challenge, as the original layout featured a confining fridge wall and an awkwardly angled kitchen island that interrupted the flow and consumed valuable space. The areas were not only segregated from one another but were also suffocating under inadequate lighting, creating an environment that was far from the bright, open-plan living space homeowners crave. 

Fine Custom Construction was tasked with not just a simple update but a complete transformation to infuse light, life, and connectivity into the heart of the home.



 The Kitchen Transformation: Luxurious Space, Redefined Functionality

Recognizing the kitchen as the backbone for the tone of the entire home, Fine Custom Construction’s kitchen renovation provided elegant solutions to several dilemmas:

  • To solve the problem of a cramped and closed-off space, Fine removed an intruding fridge wall, instantly improving the room’s flow and connectivity with the great room. This restructuring allowed for a more open and engaging environment, ideal for modern lifestyles that value both form and functionality. 
  • Peppertree’s custom Natural Plain Slice Walnut cabinetry offers a beautiful and practical solution to the kitchen design, ensuring ample storage space while embracing the contemporary trend of open wall space above the sink. The cabinets’ superior craftsmanship provides both a visually stunning and functionally robust system, allowing for a decluttered aesthetic without sacrificing the necessity for ample storage.
  • The installation of KitchenAid stainless steel appliances, including the thoughtfully placed waist-high dishwasher, addressed the ergonomic challenge of bending and stooping, making kitchen tasks easier and more accessible. 
  • The kitchen’s floor, now featuring top-tier tiles from Arizona Tile, presents a functional solution to the old, worn-out flooring, marrying durability with aesthetic appeal. These custom hexagonal tiles lay the groundwork for the practical, stylish white quartz countertops, creating a unified and sophisticated look. With the added touch of functional glass lighting fixtures, the space is not only well-lit but also exudes a streamlined elegance.

Great Room Reimagined: A Spacious Retreat with Contemporary Flair

In addressing the challenge of a dated and uninspiring great room, Fine implemented a series of strategic enhancements to breathe new life into the space. The centerpiece of this transformation was the reimagining of the fireplace, which once faded into the background. By employing elongated black tiles in a clean, contemporary design, the fireplace now stands as a bold and modern focal point, radiating both warmth and style. Additionally, the great room and kitchen now share an unobstructed line of sight, allowing the warmth and glow of the fireplace, as well as the visual entertainment from the TV, to be enjoyed from the culinary comfort of the kitchen. This thoughtful design element ensures that whether you’re preparing a meal or lounging in the great room, the heart of the home feels connected, expansive, and perfectly aligned. 

Another highlight to be noticed is the introduction of new hardwood flooring from Lemco Design in the great room that extends into a nearby sunroom. This choice of high-quality hardwood lends a natural and warm ambiance to both areas, seamlessly connecting them and enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Butler’s Pantry Addition: Elegance Meets Utility in Your Home Expansion

The inclusion of a butler’s pantry in the remodel by Fine Custom Construction represents the final piece in solving the puzzle of storage and functionality within the home. This clever addition discreetly tucks away essential kitchen items and appliances, providing ample storage and prep space without cluttering the main kitchen area. The butler’s pantry acts as a practical extension of the kitchen, affording homeowners the luxury of a well-organized and accessible space that streamlines entertaining and daily routines, ultimately enhancing the kitchen’s efficiency and user experience.


 A Symphony of Spaces:

The completed renovation by Fine Custom Construction is a breathtaking symphony of interconnected spaces, where the kitchen, pantry, and great room harmonize to create a home that resonates with contemporary elegance and welcoming warmth. Each area, once disparate and confined, now flows effortlessly into the next, with the kitchen’s marble accents and custom cabinets echoing the great room’s refined flooring and the mesmerizing dance of flames within the modernized fireplace. This is not merely a remodel, but a renaissance of the home, where light, space, and design unite to offer an elevated living experience, a place where every detail sings in perfect pitch, and the homeowners can bask in the beauty of a house truly transformed.


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